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Happy Clients

TCK bullies are topnotch. I purchased a female last year and am more than impressed. Her structure is spot on, no high rear, no east west, perfect teeth. Personality wise she is smart and very in tune to her surroundings. She knows her territory and only barks at strangers when she is watching the house and yard, otherwise she is not dog or people aggressive and is very loving to family members. Would recommend 10/10.

Harley Bray

My experience with Three Cross kennels when I got my American Bully was exceptional. I’ve educated myself on understanding the traits and features of this dog breed and it was perfect for my family. I have also been educated more from the kennels owner that sealed the decision to get a bully. Delta protects our home instinctively, but not aggressively. She’s always been great with my kids and is always looking for affection and willing

to play at all times. I have a 10 month old baby that climbs on her and she is naturally calm and allows him to pull her ears and is playful with him. My older kids can easily take her on walks without struggling and she is innately

obedient with everyone in our home. She is always loving and is consistently warm hearted with us or even new guests that are welcomed into our home. I’d

recommend this breed and this kennel specifically to anyone that wants to add a

loving family dog to their family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramos

Amazing kennel and easy to work with. Any questions i had a could text Orlando anytime day or night and he would respond. My pup has great temperament. Would recommend. 


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